BIZARRE AND CURIOUS SILKS: Textiles by Hannah Robson


exhibition at the Huguenot Museum and Rochester Art Gallery

Hannah celebrates and challenges the limits imposed by the loom, exploring how she can disrupt traditional woven construction. She often combines weaving with techniques borrowed from lace-making and basketry, using metallic threads. Interested in the spatial qualities of textiles, she incorporates sculptural elements into her fabrics to create technically ambitious surfaces. Rochester Art Gallery will present a selection of pieces exploring the effects of light and shadow, two-versus three-dimensions and the balance between controlled structures and free flowing threads. 

Simultaneously, The Huguenot Museum will show new work produced for the Museum, inspired by the textile heritage of the Huguenots.  The work incorporates the design elements and construction techniques from Huguenot silk textiles, influenced by the  forms and styles of objects in the Museum collection. Alongside pieces woven by hand, new jacquard-woven pieces have been designed by Hannah and produced with David Walters Fabrics Limited, a mill based in Sudbury specialising in weaving beautiful and innovative fabrics for luxury brands. The company traces its roots to early the 18th century when it was established in Spitalfields.

Hannah is inspired by the ‘Bizarre’ style of the early 18th century exemplified by the Huguenot master weaver James Leman. Bizarre silks were characterised by a freedom to combine strange and familiar motifs in contrasting scales with unusual use of negative space and rich colours. The works presented in the Museum are more figurative than the abstract handwoven pieces shown in Rochester Art Gallery.

5th July - 21st September
Huguenot Museum & Rochester Art Gallery
95 High Street

Curators: Dinah Winch and Allison Young


With many thanks to

David Walters Fabrics Limited

The Worshipful Company of Weavers

Arts Council England