Seeking Form

Reflections Jacquard

Seeking Form : Exhibition

Solo Exhibition at The North Wall Oxford, showcasing works in new combinations.

Weaving is a process of framing an empty space and gradually filling it with threads. By the end, after some untangling, some beating, some fiddling, the connected threads form a whole which hangs together without the tension of the loom. There is something magical about the building of cloth.

I celebrate and challenge the limits imposed by the loom, exploring how threads can escape vertical and horizontal pathways and disrupt traditional woven construction. It entails constant engagement with materials and processes, exploiting and manipulating the inherent properties of fibres and structures. Interested in spatial qualities of textiles, I think sculpturally about thread pathways to extend the range of possibilities beyond two-dimensions. I create technically ambitious surfaces and forms, often combining weaving with techniques borrowed from lace-making or basketry.

This exhibition presents the scope of my practice, from two-dimensional compositions to experimental metal sculptures. The work exploits balances between contrasting properties – two versus three dimensions, interplay of light and shadow, reflective and matt materials, transparency and opacity.


Photos: Jake Sutton