Tracing Light I (2018)

Tracing Light

A collection of woven and laced pieces developed for the inaugural exhibition, Opening Narratives, at Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset, the new Hauser & Wirth gallery dedicated to contemporary making, in Bruton, Somerset.

The work explores ideas about light and shadow, transparency and pattern layering, line and form. Each piece explores how the horizontal and vertical constraints of weaving and be visually escaped, and explores diagonal movement in constructed textiles.

The work is created in a combination weaving and lacemaking techniques in mixtures of monofilament, paper, cotton, horsehair, linen and lurex.

Curator: Jacqueline Moore

About Opening Narratives

Make’s inaugural exhibition entitled ‘Opening Narratives’ is a celebration of seven makers working with wood, ceramics, textiles and metal. With the resurgence of interest in craft skills, the landscape of making is changing and with it a dynamic generation of young makers with a shared passion for knowledge, process and materials has come to the fore. The makers exhibited possess an intimate understanding of their material and whether working with methods rooted in tradition or employing new techniques, materiality and process go hand-in-hand. The exhibition reflects the new visibility and significance of making and the re-evaluation of the crafted object, whilst bringing together seven makers with work of exceptional creativity and substance.

Opening Narratives ran between 28 September – 24 November 2018.